Welcome Creek Mobile Home Park in Greenville, SC - Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions - Welcome Creek Mobile Home Park
1. Q. Do you rent mobile homes at Welcome Creek Mobile Home Park?
A. No.  All homes are owned by the residents and the average lot rent is $210 per month.  
2.  Q. What does the lot rent include?  
A.  Lot rent includes trash pick up of cans (not dumpsters).  Additional rent is based on water usage.  
3. Q. What about electricity?
A.  Tenants pay Duke Power Company directly for their electricity.  
4. Q. Where is the Manager's Office located? 
A. Mr. Juan Gonzalez's office is located at 220 Old Grove Road, at the front entrance of the Park.  
     His phone number is 864-360-4738.  There is also a drop/mail slot at Juan's residence, 
     where you can place your Money Order rent payment or other correspondence.  
5. Q.  What do we do if we have a question, complaint or maintenance problem? 
A.  Residents must register any complaints or maintenance problems at the Park Office.
      All complaints must be in writing.  
6. Q. Is Welcome Creek Mobile Home Park only for people 55 and older?  
A. No.  Welcome Creek Mobile Home Park is a family mobile home park community.
     Welcome Creek Mobile Home Park is a safety first and family first mobile home park
     where the residents can raise their families in peaceful enjoyment.  
7. Q. Where is Welcome Creek Mobile Home Park located? 
A. Welcome Creek Mobile Home Park is only 4 miles from the center of the most beautiful
     Southern City...  Greenville South Carolina!   220 Old Grove Road and 200 Old Grove Road.
     Our Park is on both sides of the street.  See our Website's Map Page for more information.  

                     PHONE: 864-360-4738    Home page